June 15, 2021

NH Broadband Continues Efforts to Expand Internet Access

NH Broadband, NHEC’s broadband subsidiary, is continuing its work to expand high-speed internet access to more NHEC members.

Since completing its first fiber-optic systems in four towns just five months ago, NH Broadband has seen strong customer growth and is moving forward with an expansion of its network. The expansion will make broadband service available to nearly 200 additional homes and businesses in Lempster. NH Broadband will be contacting members living in these areas in the near future to offer service. 

In addition, NHEC is conducting a comprehensive survey of utility poles throughout the NHEC electric service territory to speed the broadband construction process. The survey work is a critical part of preparing utility poles for the attachment of fiber optic cable. 

The Co-op is also hard at work identifying additional sources of federal, state and local funding and strategic partners that will enable it to rapidly expand broadband internet service to members, focusing initially on unserved and underserved areas. NHEC’s goal is to reduce the extent to which we rely on member capital, to reduce financial risk to our electric members and help keep service affordable. 

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