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Learn More About How NH Broadband is Meeting NHEC Members' Needs

NH Broadband is working diligently to make sure all NHEC members have access to world-class high-speed internet service. 

Learn more about our work below.

Through NH Broadband, NHEC is working to identify partners and sources of local, state and federal funding to provide high-speed internet service to our members. In December 2020, NHEC completed its first fiber-to-the-home networks in Lempster, Colebrook, Clarksville and Stewartstown making high-speed internet available to over 1,000 homes and businesses. In July 2021, we built two more fiber-to-the-home networks in Sandwich and Acworth, which provide service to another 1,800 homes and businesses. In March 2022, we announced a project that will provide high-speed internet service in 32 towns across Grafton County, one of the most underserved areas of the state.
The COVID-19 pandemic brought into focus the critical need for high-speed internet service throughout New Hampshire. For far too long, rural communities have been disadvantaged due to the lack of high-speed internet. As virtual business activity, remote learning and telemedicine have become the norm, the limited, often unreliable, internet services available in these communities do not meet the current needs of NHEC members.

Electric cooperatives, like NHEC, played an essential role in bringing electricity to rural areas in the late 1930s. The same need exists now with high-speed internet access. Today, NHEC provides electric distribution service to 86,000 members, located in 118 communities across New Hampshire. Just as it brought electricity to rural New Hampshire over 80 years ago, NHEC is uniquely positioned to help bring high-speed internet to those same communities today. NHEC is committed to ensuring our members have access to this essential service.
Late last year, NH Broadband/NHEC announced our fiber network construction partnership with Conexon, a company specializing in electric cooperative fiber-to-the-home projects like ours. We are building on that relationship to leverage some of Conexon’s additional services, including billing and customer service.
We are committed to offering the highest quality internet service that will meet our members’ needs now, as well as in the future. We are developing an all-fiber-optic network that can provide symmetrical upload and download speeds in excess of 1 Gigabit per second.

NH Broadband currently offers affordable speed levels for residential and business customers:
  • Residents of Acworth, Colebrook, Stewartstown, Clarksville and Lempster – visit here for service options
  • Residents of Sandwich, Grafton County and other New Hampshire Electric Co-op communities – visit here for service options.
There are several factors that we are considering when deciding the next communities to serve, including:
  • Areas with higher density of unserved and underserved members
  • Availability of state and federal grants
  • Member interest expressed through this website
  • Engineering and construction considerations that achieve the fastest, most cost-effective buildout possible
We understand the frustration of not having access to reliable high-speed internet. NH Broadband is moving as quickly as possible to develop and finalize our plans for network expansion, but it may take several years to reach all of our members who have requested service.
While our crews are in the area during the initial build and for the standard installations, NH Broadband is not charging an installation fee. For those who sign up after crews have left the area, a one-time $100 installation fee may apply.
For non-standard installations, such as for homes and businesses with long driveways that require overhead fiber-optic cable extensions beyond 500 feet, customers may be asked to pay extra to cover a portion of the cost of labor and materials. This will be determined on an individual basis.
Fiber service from NH Broadband will “follow the power.” If your service is underground, the fiber-optic cable will follow the path of your underground power lines.
With NH Broadband service, there are no data caps or speed throttling.
NH Broadband residential customers will not be required to sign service contracts. For business customers, a contract may be required.

Yes. NH Broadband will provide customers with a Wi-Fi router, along with Managed Wi-Fi (remote monitoring). For residential subscribers to 2 Gig Ultimate (where available), the router and Managed Wi-Fi are included in the monthly cost. For all other residential packages, the router and Managed Wi-Fi are available for $4.95/month. For businesses, the router is included in the monthly cost.

Yes. Customers may use their own compatible router or modem if they prefer. However, we encourage the Managed Wi-Fi router add-on which enables remote monitoring from tech support. NH Broadband cannot monitor or troubleshoot customer-supplied routers.
NH Broadband offers extended Wi-Fi service (where available) for customers to expand their network range. The service is available for $3/month/extender.
For questions about your NH Broadband account, call (866) 431-1928 or email

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