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We are excited to announce that high-speed fiber-optic internet is coming to Acworth…

Installation Update – 6/28/22

Service installations are being scheduled in Acworth as we close in on the final phase of our town wide project! Here’s what to expect in the coming weeks as we connect residents to 1-Gig broadband service:

·       NH Broadband is calling customers who pre-ordered service to schedule service installations.

·       Installations will be scheduled Mon-Sat between the hours of 8 AM 5 PM.

·       Standard installations typically take about 2 hours to complete at your home or business and we require someone over 18 years old to be present.

·       Our friendly technicians will need to enter your home to install and test your service.

·       NH Broadband is working with several contractors to complete installations on our behalf.

·       Technicians will provide you with a Optical Network Terminal (ONT) modem and a router.

Any questions? Call us at (866) 431-1928.

What is involved in the process of building a fiber network?

We wish that with a snap of our finger everyone could enjoy blazing fast internet service.  However, that is not the case.   There are many factors that go into building a fiber network, therefore providing a timeline of service availability is not always possible.

Construction of a fiber network is a complex process involving numerous contractors and dependent on variables that include length of the circuit, terrain and soils, weather, and other external factors.  

NH Broadband is building an all fiber-optic network capable of meeting the long-term needs of our customers. Fiber-optic internet provides the fastest, most reliable internet experience possible. Fiber-optic networks transmit data using light waves through cables made of glass fibers instead of using electrical signals on copper wires or coaxial cables. This means it’s incredibly fast and allows customers to send (upload) and receive (download) data at the same high speed.

Construction is underway. The first customer installations are expected to being in June in Acworth.

Residents and businesses in the town of Acworth. This includes NHEC members as well as customers who receive their electricity service from another provider – Liberty. There are some limited areas that NH Broadband cannot reach in this initial phase of construction. You can check service availability by entering your address at or by calling (866) 431-1928.

NH Broadband currently offers two affordable speed levels for residential customers designed to meet the needs of our customers today and into the future:

  • Up to 100 Mbps symmetrical upload/download @ $49.95/month
  • Up to 1 Gig (1000 Mbps) symmetrical upload/download @ $89.95/month

Additional information on service options, including commercial products can be found at

NH Broadband charges a one-time $150 fee for standard installations. Longer or underground installations may require additional charges. 

You can pre-order service now at or by calling (866) 431-1928. When service becomes available in your neighborhood, NH Broadband will contact you to finalize the speed of your service, schedule your installation and answer any questions you may have.

Registering your address and creating an online account is the first step in the process.

When you receive a postcard that you can pre-order, you must Log into your account.

To login go to:

No. NH Broadband does not require customers to sign service contracts.

No. NH Broadband does not impose data caps or throttle speeds on customers’ internet usage.

Not at this time, but we plan to offer phone service in the near future to all NH Broadband customers.

Yes. NH Broadband will provide customers in Acworth with a Comtrend VR 3060 Wi-Fi router as part of their service. There is no additional charge or monthly fee for this equipment.

Yes. Customers may use their own compatible router or modem if they prefer.

NH Broadband does not sell or provide Wi-Fi extenders at this time, but customers are welcome to purchase and install their own extenders if they would like to expand their network’s range.

NH Broadband’s standard installation fee of $150 includes the cost of running the first 500 feet of fiber-optic cable to a customer’s home, installing, and testing the router, and connecting one device. Homes and businesses that require overhead fiber-optic cable extensions beyond 500 feet are required to pay an additional $1.00 per foot to cover the cost of labor and materials, if they would like to receive service from NH Broadband. The installation technician will determine how long of a fiber extension is required based on the property’s proximity to the nearest network connection point.

If customers with underground utilities have open usable conduit, NH Broadband installers will pull the fiber through the existing conduit. NH Broadband’s standard installation fee includes pulling fiber-optic cable the first 500 feet of a conduit. Longer installations will be charged $1.00 per foot after the initial 500 feet.

If customers do not have available conduit, NH Broadband installers can trench, install, and bury new conduit on the customer’s property and pull the fiber-optic cable through. NH Broadband’s standard installation fee includes installing new conduit pulling fiber-optic cable the first 500 feet. Longer installations requiring additional conduit to be installed will be charged $2.00 per foot after the initial 500 feet.

The installation technician will determine the required length of a fiber extension based on the property’s proximity to the nearest network connection point.

Service will be made available, and installations will be scheduled, on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis as the fiber-optic network is completed. When service becomes available in an area, NH Broadband will contact customers who have pre-ordered service to review and schedule their installation.

Yes, NH Broadband customers who are having technical difficulties can reach us 24 hours a day / 7 days a week by calling (866) 431-7617 or emailing

No. Municipal funds or bonding are not being used in the construction of the fiber-optic networks in either town.

Residents are encouraged not to enter into long-term contracts with another provider if they are considering taking service from NH Broadband.  If you are already receiving service under a long-term contract, you may need to pay any required early termination fees to that provider or wait until the period of required service expires.

The first step in constructing the new network is to complete “make-ready” work, which is preparing the utility poles to accept a new fiber-optic cable. This can involve moving cables and other equipment that are currently attached to the poles, replacing some poles that are not tall enough and some vegetation trimming.  Completing “make-ready” work requires the coordination of the various utilities that own the poles and the companies that are already attached to them. This work requires the most amount of time to complete.

Once the “make-ready” work is complete, crews can begin attaching the new fiber-optic lines to the utility poles and placing other equipment needed to provide service to customers. As that work is completed, installation crews will follow and make the connections to run fiber from the new network directly to your property when service is requested. Once the fiber is extended to your property, a technician will come out at a scheduled time to install and activate your service.

NH Broadband’s construction decisions are based on several factors, including the availability of grants to support construction, network design considerations, which includes the proximity to our existing infrastructure, and member interest expressed through the NH Broadband website We have been in communication with municipal officials and there are funding opportunities that became available which helped reduce the cost of construction.

For customer service: (866)431-1928 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm,EST) or at

For technical support: (866)431.7617 (24 hours) or at

To set up online bill pay:

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