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NH Broadband

Internet Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Now more than ever, access to affordable, reliable, high-speed internet is a necessity. NHEC was founded to meet the needs of rural New Hampshire. Today, our members and the communities we serve need high-speed internet. NH Broadband was created to meet this need and close the rural digital divide in New Hampshire. 

NH Broadband’s all fiber optic networks provide world class high-speed internet that is supported by our local team. We offer affordable plans that are designed to meet our members’ needs today and into the future.  

Our Mission

Providing Affordable, Reliable, High-Speed Internet to NHEC Members

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought into focus the critical need for high-speed internet service throughout New Hampshire. For far too long rural communities have been disadvantaged due to the lack of broadband access. As virtual business activity, remote learning, and telemedicine have become the norm, the limited, often unreliable, services available in rural communities today do not meet the needs of NHEC members.

Electric cooperatives, like NHEC, played an essential role in bringing electricity to rural areas in the late 1930s. The same need exists now with high-speed internet access. Today, NHEC provides electric distribution service to 85,000 members, located in 118 communities across New Hampshire. Just as it brought electricity to rural New Hampshire over 80 years ago, NHEC is uniquely positioned to help bring high-speed internet to these same areas today. NHEC is committed to ensuring our members have access to this essential service.

Supported by Government Grants

NH Broadband works with federal, state and local officials, and our members to access grants, which help support expansion of our fiber networks.

Driven by Member Interest

NHEC is a member-owned cooperative, we exist to serve our members. Member interest is a factor in where we will build next.  If you would like NH Broadband in your area, let us know!

Reliable & Cost Effective

We offer reliable and scalable high-speed internet solutions designed to meet the needs of your home or office, with symmetrical upload and download speeds up to 1 Gig.